Thursday, April 29, 2010

New to this...

For some strange reason I feel compelled to starting a blog? Although I feel like I have nothing significant to share with the world I figured I will give this a try!

What has been on my mind lately:

- Final exams are coming up next week and I am starting to stress/freak out about them
- My family is opening a restaurant in 2 weeks and I am SO excited that it is hard to stay focused on school because all I want to do is be home!
- My 21st birthday is in exactly 14 days therefore another distraction from school. Plus my three absolute best friends are coming to celebrate with me! Did I mention my birthday was in 14 days?!
- I am currently in the process of changing my major? I feel such a relief from this decision although nothing is final yet because I have to be accepted into the specific college but this is an exciting step and one that I hope will improve my college life
- I have taken the liberty of planning my sweet sister's surprise 13th birthday party and cannot wait!
- Taylor Swift concert is in two days or 46 hours! Containing my excitement is getting harder each day!

I've been having mixed reviews about college life lately.. Some days I just feel like it's not all that everyone makes it out to be but other days I really enjoy where I am at in my life. I guess I have just been bogged down by this impossible major that I have chosen and it has brought a grey cloud over such a fun time in my life. I am hoping that with my new decision to change majors comes more sunshine and fun and less stress! A Biological Sciences major sounds like a good idea.. but in all honestly I just feel like it is not worth the added stress and not-so-great grades that it has added to my life! So to take control of this situation and make it better, I am contemplating/pursuing a Psychology major. My potential career goal is to become a Genetics Counselor focusing on the prenatal aspect, so I am thinking a psych major would be a good idea.

(Please excuse all of the random thoughts of this first post haha I will eventually put to rest my A.D.D. and focus on one subject for each post. Eventually!)

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