Thursday, July 28, 2011


Whew! When I signed up for this CNA certification course I did not realize how time consuming it would be or how exhausted I would be with class and work! We started our first day of clinicals today and it was rough to start off with but as the day moved forward it got better. I was a little anxious when I arrived at the hospital at 5:30 this morning and it was nerve wracking to walk into a patients room at 6:00 am to wake them up. Starting off was rough because I just wasn't sure what to do and all of us students were terrified. I was lucky to be assigned to an amazing CNA who not only offered advice for passing our CNA class but she also made sure to take lots of time to talk to us about what we were doing and what to expect and how to interact with patients. I was assigned to two of her six patients and they were both wonderful! The three of us assigned to our CNA stuck together for most of the day to get our bearings and it was much better to complete tasks with someone else. Overall, today was a great experience and I am so glad that I get to be back in the hospital environment and around patients. We have clinicals tomorrow and everyday next week and then I'll be DONE with this class! I am so excited to have a week off between this class and the fall semester so I can catch up on sleep and hopefully go home for a few days! And I'm excited for this class to end because then I will have much more time to blog! Hope you all have had a wonderful week!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Good morning friends! It is Wednesday which means only two more days left in the week! Here are a few things I am loving today!

- First, I am loving that this is our last week in lecture & labs for my CNA class. We start clinicals next week in the hospital which is really exciting!

- Second, I am loving Elin Hilderbrand and her books. I read The Island and it was amazing and I am starting Nantucket Nights today!

- Third, I am off work tonight and tomorrow so I get to catch up on studying and hopefully hang out with B

- Fourth, my mom is potentially coming into town this weekend and I am SO excited and really hope she is able to make it. I miss her!

What is everyone loving this Wednesday?


Have a great day!

Friday, July 15, 2011


What a week it has been! Thank you all for your encouraging words on my last post, I am starting to feel a little less overwhelmed and homesick. I feel like it can't possibly already be Friday because I feel like Monday was just yesterday! I had two tests this week in my CNA class which I did well on. They ended up being not as horrible as I was expecting. We also started checking off skills in the lab which is a nice change from sitting in a desk for 8 hours. Unfortunately, my wallet was stolen Wednesday. It was possibly someone from my class but there is a very slim chance that I dropped my wallet while eating lunch at the hospital. But it's gone. And it makes me very sad to think that someone thought this was acceptable behavior. Not only do they have my drivers license and bank cards, but they also have my SS card, health insurance cards, student ID, store gift cards, $200 in cash and my bank account number. I cancelled all of my cards as soon as I realized it was gone and they did manage to use one of my bank cards but luckily it was the account I keep no money in. I only have this one account because it is linked up with my mom's account so in case of emergency she can transfer money and I only kept around $5 in the account. I've already cancelled all of my cards and opened up a new bank account with a different number and I have also flagged my credit in case they try to open something in my name. Honestly, this whole situation is more of an inconvenience than anything else. Plus I am really sad about my actual wallet being gone because it was one of a kind, they don't make it the same anymore. So the first part of my week was awesome, and the past two days have been frustrating but it is getting better. I just wish I didn't have class until 4:30 so I could actually take care of a few things like getting a new license and such. This weekend is going to be super busy because we have a work meeting Saturday morning, I have to get a physical, TB test and take a CPR certification class, and I work Sunday. Busy weekend but I am looking forward to it! Hope everyone else's week has flown by as fast as mine has!

PS - if you got to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 last night I am super jealous because I can't go until this weekend or next week!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This past week has been really rough and I just need to take a second to vent. I'm back in Raleigh and although I know I am here for a good reason (get my CNA certification, attend school in the Fall, etc.) I just can't get past my homesickness. Last week was SO busy trying to get settled in, starting my class and also starting back at my job here that I didn't have much time to stop and breath or think. I spent this weekend catching up on my sleep, working, studying and missing home. I'm 22 years old and I think I am more homesick right now than I was when I first moved to Raleigh four years ago. I don't know why I am feeling like this, maybe it is because I am used to spending my entire Summer at home and it has been cut short due to this class. Being in Raleigh makes me SO happy but at the same time it makes me extremely sad. And to add to my homesickness, my apartment lease ends in 2 weeks and I currently have no clue where I am going to go. My potential roommate situation fell through last night so that is one more added stress. I just needed to vent and get this out of my head. I know that things happen for a reason and I keep praying for guidance to follow the path I am supposed to be on. I hope everyone has had a marvelous Tuesday!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Eating/drinking: half a bagel, applesauce and coffee

Listening to: Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets on ABC Family

Pondering: my living situation for the fall, my current to-do list, and trying to muster up motivation to unpack

Wearing: black leggings and a v-neck tshirt from Victoria's Secret

Anticipating: my first test Tuesday in my CNA class and checking off our skills in lab that afternoon

Reading: I just finished reading The Island by Elin Hilderbrand. If you haven't read any of her books you should definitely start! I have read three of them and they are all wonderful!

Loving: this Harry Potter marathon and my Starbucks coffee and that no one is home right now so it is extremely quiet and peaceful

Buying: nothing right now because tuition is due soon and there are going to be plenty of things I'll need for my next apartment

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Wow.. the past two weeks have been insanely busy! This morning was the first time I've slept semi-late in awhile and right now I am thoroughly enjoying laying on the couch and catching up on my blog reading while watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family. Here's a little recap on what has been going on..

The week before the fourth was crazy because I spent almost every day at our restaurant working and helping out with whatever I could knowing it was my last week. That weekend we had a bunch of family come into town for the holiday. It was SO great to see my aunts and uncles and catch up with them. I had big plans for this fourth of July but they didn't work out. B is taking a summer class and had class the next morning at 8 am and I spent the entire day packing up my room at home. In about a month, I will no longer have my room at home, insert sad face here. My step-dads two daughters are moving in because their mom moved to VA so they will be taking our guest room and my room. When this whole idea of my step-sisters moving in came about, I was really excited and it didn't really bother me that one of them would be taking my room. But packing up everything and sorting what I want to move to Raleigh and what needs to go into storage was really eye opening and it made me really sad. I am still excited that my step-sisters will get to spend unlimited time with their dad because he truly is amazing, but at the same time, I will really miss my room.

I came back to Raleigh on the fifth because my CNA certification class started on the sixth. I decided it would be better to get my CNA class over with during the summer so I wouldn't have to worry about it during the fall semester. This means that I have class four days a week from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. It may not sound exhausting sitting in a desk all day but let me tell you, it is. Yesterday we got to spend time in the lab which was a lot better that sitting at a desk taking notes. In lab we got to practice our skills hands on and I really got to know a lot of the girls in my class better which was awesome. So I can now wash my hands properly, make a bed with a patient in it, give a bed bath and lots of other exciting things! We have a test on Tuesday on the first six chapters we covered and a test on Thursday on the next seven chapters.

So, this is just a quick recap on what has been going on in my life for the past two weeks. I hope everyone else has been slightly less busy and enjoying their summer!


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