Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Decorations

A big thank you to Dayquil/Nyquil Sinus relief, it has made me feel like a whole new person! Anyways, over Thanksgiving break I helped my mom pull out all of our Christmas decorations and we decorated the house. I love decorating for Christmas because it just really helps to put me in the spirit of the holidays. Although I have a few decorations at my apartment, I don't really want to go all out because I won't be here during the holidays. So after decorating, I took some pictures to share with everyone:

the baby tree in my room

I love these cones, so simple but pretty

dining room table

our Christmas village, my favorite part

last but not least, our tree!


  1. I love the "Is it too late to be good" sign. haha Too cute! Beautiful tree.

  2. love your decorations! very cute!

  3. Your decorations look great! I especially love the first sign!

  4. LOVE that tree! It looks super legit and maybe even a little bit magical ;)