Friday, December 17, 2010

Panic.. Sorta

Panic is kinda sorta starting to set in because there are only 8 days left for Christmas, and I have not done any of my Christmas shopping! Eeeek! No pressure or anything, and nothing like waiting to the last minute! This week has been busy, I've been working at my family's restaurant every available day, I helped my step-mom cater a breakfast for one of the schools, attended a Christmas party last night, and lots of other things! Another thing I am kinda sorta starting to panic about is finding my best friend a graduation gift for Saturday night! She graduated from college on Monday and her graduation party is Saturday and I have yet to get her a gift and I can't even think of any ideas, so if any of you bloggers out there have any suggestions, I welcome them! Hope everyone else is having a wonderful week without the panic of not starting or finishing Christmas shopping, and if you have snow where ever you are, I am jealous!

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