Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

I am one of those people that loves to watch TV shows. It doesn't take much to get me sucked into a show and I love watching marathons, especially on a rainy day. I'm almost embarrassed at the amount of TV I watch so please don't judge! I have my list of staple shows that I watch every week but not included in that list are the trashy TV shows that are major guilty pleasures. This list is really embarrassing! It includes: Teen Mom 2, Jersey Shore. I don't usually watch these shows on a weekly basis but I catch up on the drama whenever they are on. The amount of drama that is on these shows is amazing, I could never function normally if my life was that chaotic and crazy. But I guess that is what makes for good TV.
Let's just talk about Teen Mom 2 and Jersey Shore for a second. I'm not sure if the drama involved in these shows is real or MTV created but whatever it is, its insane! Those poor teen moms struggle & don't understand what it takes to be a good parent. One of the moms from season 2 Jenelle is from Oak Island, NC which is about 20 minutes from my hometown. It's almost embarrassing to watch how horribly she talks to her mom who is only trying to help. I know if I ever talked to my mother the way Jenelle does hers, I probably wouldn't be alive. (Not really, but still my parents always demanded that I respect them no matter how unhappy I was with whatever was going on). There has been a bunch of talk about MTV glamorizing the lives of these teen moms and how it makes being a mom look easy. I think if people actually watched the show and followed the story lines they would see that there is no glamorization. These moms struggle financially, fight with their parents and baby daddy's and most don't graduate high school. Now maybe they shouldn't be on a bunch of magazine covers but hey, they've got little mouths to feed!
Jersey Shore is another train wreck of a show but it sucks me in every time because I always just want to know how it ends. The last episode I watched, Snooki went to work drunk and then left work to drink more and ended up getting arrested for drunk & disorderly. The guys hook up with girls every night and sometimes there are even more than one couple in a room hooking up. This lifestyle is so the complete opposite of my life so maybe that is why it is interesting. The girls may not be the classiest people on the planet, but when you take them out of the shore and dress them up nicely, they are all actually really gorgeous!

What are your TV guilty pleasures & how do you feel about these shows?


  1. i'm sure i've got you beat in the amount of tv i watch on a daily/weekly basis. i love these shows too. i don't think that Teen Mom portrays the moms having it easy, but i definitely think that with the noterity and "fame" they get because of the show is glamourizing it and making it look okay for other teens to get pregnant JUST to be on the show. they need to quit making the shows...but until then i'll be one who watches all of it. sad.

    and i LOVE jersey shore. can't get enough. my mom loves it too...her fave is pauly d.

  2. I actually love both of these shows too. I have to tune in each week to see what happens!
    I completely agree with you about Teen Mom. I hate when I hear parents or media condemning MTV for airing this show. It's not glorifying teen pregnancy. If anything, I think it would prevent pregnancy. They also try to promote having save sex or abstaining. Like it or not, those girls are celebs now because of the show. When they get in trouble or have a new story tabloids are going to write about it.
    Jersey Shore is just plain entertaining. Those people are nuts!

  3. I can agree with EVERYTHING you just wrote! I think Jersey Shore just fascinates me because I can't imagine living that sort of lifestyle.. so it's just impossible to change the channel! I mean snooki fell on her face drunk in the sand and I died laughing! And I feel the same way about Jenelle.. If I talked to my parents that way I would be dead. Just a few minutes of any of those shows and it's impossible to change the channel because they just suck you in!

  4. Funny story, I'm watching Teen Mom 2 while waiting for Jersey Shore to come on.

  5. I watch these shows too and couldn't agree more with your points. my other favs are the Real Housewives of New York and Beverly Hills. I feel you just can't HELP but watch the drama unfold.

    Btw, thanks for following!