Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was fairly busy but included a lot of fun times with good friends. Friday was spent shopping and then some girls, B and I all went downtown for a bit. It was absolutely freezing, which makes it really hard to get dressed to go out because you don't want to carry around a jacket all night. I am definitely looking forward to warmer weather! Saturday was my first day of work. Instead of trying to find a new restaurant to work at, I just went back to the Outback I worked at last year to save time training. I've worked for Outback since high school so it's familiar and I don't really have to think at work, which could be good or bad? But my first day back was good, it was strange feeling like a new person in a place I feel so comfortable at. All the people I hadn't met were super nice and we were busy which made time fly by. Somehow throughout the night I lost my voice! Not really sure how or why because I don't feel sick besides this cough I have but I definitely can't talk! Today was spent relaxing and I tried my best to not talk as much as possible. I also worked again tonight. Hope everyone else had a wonderful and safe weekend!

PS- if anyone knows of any remedies to recover my voice please share!

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  1. Hope you start to feeling better girlie. Try hot tea , gargling with salt water, breathing steam --boiled water, sudafed ! Hope this helps! Have a blessed monday!