Monday, August 15, 2011

Fall Essentials

I have been browsing so many websites this weekend looking at all of the new and exciting fall clothes! I really love Summer but with the 100+ degree heat we've been having, I'm ashamed to say that I am beyond ready for Fall! Here are some things I am loving this year:

J Brand Ankle Skinny jeans in Red
I am loving this trend of colored jeans and I can't wait to actually order a pair and wear them this Fall

Cole Haan 'Air Tali Lock Moc' Loafers
Although loafers sometimes remind me of old men, they look super comfy and would be perfect with skinny jeans and an over-sized sweater

JCrew Cashmere Shawl Cardigan
I love open cardigans and this one makes me want to wear it right now because it looks so comfy and warm

Longchamp 'Le Pliage Small' tote
Okay, I decided to not buy a new Longchamp this Spring and I opted for the JPK Paris bucket bag instead. Although I really love my JPK bag, I can't wait to get a new Longchamp and use it this Fall. I lose everything in my JPK and whenever I am looking for something I always have to empty it to find whatever it is I am searching for, not fun! So if you are debating between these two bags, I would say go for the Longchamp. You won't regret it!

What are some things on your Fall essentials list this year?


  1. LOVE this post! I'm getting SO excited for fall! I want some 70s inspired floral blouses to match with a blazer or leather jacket.. or something masculine!

  2. love everything! I can't wait to add leopard touches to my fall wardrobe too!

  3. I think a Chambray Oxford shirt is a Fall must have! And I would definitely choose a Longchamp as well, its perfect for any occasion!

  4. I can't wait to start wearing cardigans and sweaters with everything again!

  5. Loving those mocs! You could wear them with a lot! I'm going to be wearing my cowboy boots a lot this fall! Same with long sleeved dresses!

  6. Love the J Brand jeans!! Anything that rust orange or mustardy yellow is something I will love. Also love tights and scarves:)

  7. I love everything! I'm SO ready for fall and can't wait to try out all the new trends.. including all of these!