Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Day

Today I have my Anatomy & Physiology 1 lab final at noon and a lecture test at 3 so my day will be spent with my nose in my notes! And to celebrate a stressful day, I will be spending my evening with my bestie Bre, Jimmy Buffett and some cold beverages! Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Umm, that's one hell of a day. I feel your pain about the lab finals and I'm sending you good vibes, the best of luck, and a prayer for peace and love. Also, it's a groovy hell of a day for you because hanging with JB doesn't sound too bad! Have fun, you deserve it! -Bai


  2. oh my gosh. i certainly don't miss finals. though i do kinda miss being a student sometimes! it wasn't such a bad life after all.