Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nail Polish

I love nail polish, and at one time in my life I was buying a new color every week! My favorite brands are OPI and Essie. My favorite colors so far for this Summer are :

Essie in "Haute as Hello"

Essie in "Turquoise & Caicos"

OPI in "Strawberry Margarita"

What colors are you loving this year?


  1. I love OPI's IM Beauty (buttercup yellow) and I'm anxiously awaiting their Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

  2. I love your choices! I really want to buy some Essie polish myself. I'm super into Lincoln Park After Dark this year, just because I only recently bought it. I didn't think I would like it so much!

  3. I just found a great deal on Essie nail polish and bought a ton! I'm hooked on the OPI shatter. I'm excited for their silver shatter to come out

  4. I love strawberry margarita, perfect for summer!

    Some of my favorites for this summer are :
    Essie-Tart Deco ( a coral color)
    Essie- Coat Azure ( a blue with shimmer)
    OPI- Dim Some Plum
    OPI-Feelin' HOT-HOT-HOT (pink)