Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Shows

This week continues fall television premieres and I am so excited! A few shows that I am most looking forward to are:

1. Glee, FOX network, September 20 @ 8pm
I started watching this show at the start of last season and really love it. I love all of the music and although the plot can be kinda eh it is definitely a show I keep up with every week!

2. Grey's Anatomy, ABC network, September 22 @ 9 pm
I found this show right after the first season and I have loyally watched it ever since. There have been a few seasons where it got a little strange but I feel like they are getting back to how the show was in the beginning and I will always and forever love Meredith & Derek.

3. Gossip Girl, CW network, September 26 @ 8pm
I read the whole Gossip Girls series of books and loved all of them so I was excited when this show first premiered. Let's just say, if you have read the books, they are nothing like the show. At first it bothered me that they were so different but now I really enjoy the show and the characters and of course the fashion.

Those three are my top shows that I don't miss every week but I also love to watch Criminal Minds, NCIS, Hawaii 5-O, Two & A Half Men, The Big Bang Theory. And I think I may have to tune in to Dancing with the Stars this season because they have an awesome group of celebrities signed up. What shows are you looking forward to this Fall?


  1. I can't wait for the start of Glee!! I'm also looking forward to the new show coming out next week, PanAm! It looks so cute.

  2. I'm really excited to watch Pan Am. It looks soo good!

  3. I'm excited for Glee, Gossip girl, OTH and PanAm!

  4. I'm most excited for Pan Am but I'm also looking forward to How I Met Your Mother (premiers tonight), One Tree Hill, and the new Tim Allen show (name I can't remember but I grew up with Home Improvement so I have to check it out)