Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photo Dump

Here is what I've been doing according to my iPhone :

I had a crazy roommate, who poured salt/flour on the floor to keep the "albinos" away (she thought I was albino because I had blue eyes) (it's a long but hilarious story I can elaborate on if you want)

Lunch with my sweet baby cousin Courtney who looks precious in her Lilly dress

Crazy McKenna trying to wear a 3 year old's shoes

Rivers dressed up for vacation bible school

First day of class OOTD

I moved to a new apartment with sane and amazing roommates!

Sharing oreo pie at our restaurant

Midnight bowling OOTD

This sweet boy turned 3 a few weeks ago, he's growing up too fast!


  1. Umm albinoi?? is that true?? She sounds more than crazy..


  2. you knowwwwww I wanna hear that story over and over! my own experience with her one night was enough to blog about for hours!!
    miss you & love youuuu

  3. I need to hear this story! It sounds like you have some fun roommates - what could be better? Loving your OOTDs, I'm inspired to do some of my own!