Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Day with my Sister

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hang out with my littlest sister, M. I have three stepsisters on my dad's side but I would like to consider them my real sisters. I think we look alike enough that we could claim each other! Well, the oldest two K and R went to have fun sleepovers with their friends last night so I had M all to myself :) We decided to take a bike ride around the neighborhood which was a lot of fun.. until we got lost! Well not technically lost, but almost! We kept turning around so many different streets that at one point we came to a stop sign and M looks at me and says, "Where is our house?" and my reply was, "Uhh, I'm not quite sure!?" Needless to say, it was fun racing around and trying to hit all the sprinklers we could!
Once our bike ride ended we went home where my stepmom was cleaning the boat after a day of fishing offshore. M really wanted to check out the fish and ended up posing with one of the smaller ones for a few pics.
After the boat was all clean we all went inside to shower and get ready. Dad had promised to take M to dinner and she was very ready! She went and showered, picked out a cute outfit, asked her mom to comb her hair so there would be no knots, blow dried her hair straight, and the final touch was some good smelling lotion! Lets just say that she was very excited for our dinner date and could not wait to leave!
We hopped in the car and off we went down the road to our favorite place, Miyabis! We enjoyed the soup and salad and our entertaining chef but by the time our dinner was served we were all so tired and full that we had to take it all home! (It'll make a good dinner tonight!) I think M really enjoyed her afternoon and on the way home from the restaurant, she fell asleep :) She is growing up so fast and is no longer my little baby sister. I can't wait to spend more summer afternoons with her and K and R as well.
Here are some pictures of our day:

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