Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Shack

Here at the beach there was a restaurant that is kind of a monument to the locals, The Biscuit Shack. It opened probably 30 years ago and was run by a lady named "Boots". She was a unique lady and served breakfast lunch and dinner every day. One of her staple items was the hot lunch special, one meat and either 2 or 3 vegetables with a tea. Boots passed away last November and The Biscuit Shack was shut down. A legendary restaurant gone... but not for long!
My step-mom teamed up with a good family friend of ours to reopen "The Shack" in the old Biscuit Shack building. Currently we are serving breakfast and lunch, fresh seafood and a hot lunch special Sunday through Friday. My step-mom, Todd has been in the restaurant business her entire life, owning 2 previous restaurants. She is a wonderful step-mom as well as an excellent chef. Her recipes are original and unique and always keep people wanting more. Her partner, Scott has also spent his life in the restaurant business but more along the corporate lines. He brings the business and marketing side and does it very well. Together, they make an amazing team and with this new adventure they can only succeed.
I am home for the summer working at the restaurant almost everyday waiting tables and doing whatever else needs to be done. I am so excited and proud of my step-mom for fulfilling her dream of opening another restaurant. I wish her success and happiness with this new and exciting adventure.
Because of the shape of the building before we opened, a renovation was necessary. Below are a few before and after shots:

The main dining area

The "porch" dining area

If you are ever in the Cherry Grove, SC area stop by and check it out!

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