Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Last week my step-mom and I both had the same night off from work and decided to take my two younger sisters to Wonderworks. They have been dying to go to this place since it opened in May and I have to say it was pretty neat. If you are ever in MB and want some fun indoor entertainment, visit this place. There were three different floors with lots of interactive things to do. The coolest part is the ropes course which is located on the top floor. The course is actually located above the arcade so while you are playing games, there are kids climbing ropes above you. The only negative about this place was the price. Most of the activities are geared towards kids not really adults and although my step-mom and I participated in some stuff, I still felt that our admission price was a little high. But anyways, the girls had a blast and I wanted to share a few pictures :

The outside of Wonderworks.. the building is upside down!

In hurricane force winds

Rivers using the pulleys and her muscles to move her chair

Rivers & McKenna waiting in line for the ropes course

Climbing the ropes course above our heads


  1. Kirby and I went there in May for teacher appreciation. Thankfully we got in free because otherwise we wouldn't have been upset about the prices too. They are a little ridiculous. Still a fun place though.

  2. That looks like so much fun! My little neices would love that place!

  3. Gosh for the past few months when J and I drive by there , we have been so confused about that building, its crazy lookin. Looks like a cool place though :)