Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Another lovely Wednesday and I am linking up with Jamie over at This Kind Of Love for WILW!

Here are a few things I am loving today :

- I get to go home this weekend and I am beyond excited to see my parents and sisters and friends! Friday will not get here fast enough!

- I am loving that B turns 21 next Monday! I am so stoked for his birthday and for him to finally be legal woop woop!

- I am loving the Chamilia bracelet B's parents got me for Christmas. It's the same concept as Pandora but just a different brand. While we were in Tortola I got a bead to add and I love how it reminds me of our awesome vacation!

- I am also loving my new Words With Friends app for my iPhone. I'm obsessed and can't stop playing now! Haha

- I'm also loving that it is raining outside, because I'm exhausted and it just gives me a reason to lay in bed and watch movies all day. Or at least until I have to go to work

What are you all loving this Wednesday?


  1. Great things that you are loving today! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. oh my gosh i loooove words with friends!!! i've had to teach myself not to text/facebook/twitter/or words with friends while i drive!

  3. Your blog is precious!! Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

  4. ummm kind of jealous that you can lay in bed all day and watch movies! that sounds ideal right now! xoxo