Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogs I Read

There are several blogs I read on a daily basis, even though some are listed on the sidebar I thought I would do a post just to show how much I really love them :)

1. My good friend Sara writes an awesome blog with some of the most creative posts ever.. Check her out here

2. Erin from BlueEyedBride is another blog that I read daily. Her posts are usually about her daily life and being a SAHM but they are always interesting (plus she just posted some delicious looking recipes which I am determined to try)

3. Brooke&Freeland is another blog I love to read. They have a new baby and he is adorable and its exciting to read about all of their adventures being new parents and going through med school

4. SouthernWeddings magazine is also a blog I check out daily. It's all about weddings (which I love) and they have some of the most beautiful posts you'll ever see.