Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It has been forever since my last post but I have been super busy with school and work and honestly, I'm lacking blog material. I'll try my best to improve this month!

1. School is kicking my butt. I may only be taking two classes but my Anatomy professor is nuts. She is very knowledgeable but I feel like she doesn't really teach anything to us because she goes over everything so fast. So basically that leaves me teaching myself. I'm very frustrated with this class at the moment. On a good note though, my Developmental Psych class is going really well. It's very interesting and fun to learn about which I think is why I enjoy it so much.

2. Work work work. We finally opened up for dinner at my family's restaurant The Shack. Friday and Saturday nights. This past weekend I went home and worked around 30 hours in three days. I was exhausted but then I realized that my stepmom was there longer than I was every day. So I cannot even imagine how exhausted she is! But the restaurant is still doing good, still busy considering the tourist season has ended. We have lots of locals who are really great. Some people eat several times a day at the restaurant which is awesome. It's so nice to get to know your customers.

3. My sister Kyle got the herbst bar for her mouth along with her braces. She is so pitiful it's kinda funny. She can barely open her mouth to talk and I don't think she has eaten a decent meal in a few days. She'll get used to it soon and in about 9 months she will have a beautiful smile.

4. Today is the release of Lauren Conrad's third book in her series and also her style book comes out. I am so excited and plan on going to the bookstore so I can get them! She'll be coming to North Carolina at the end of the month for her book tour.

5. Although my Wolfpack football was doing great, 4-0 and ranked #23 we just couldn't hold it together against Virginia Tech last weekend and we lost. I do have high hopes that this weekend we will defeat Boston College. It is really exciting to finally have a team that has such talent and has really grown.

There's an update of my life... I'll come back later (after I stop procrastinating writing my 3 page Psych paper that is due in about 5 hours)

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  1. It's about time missy!
    I miss you so so much. I'm sorry about your class, I use to hate when things like that happened and I felt like I was learning nothing. But you're a smart girl and I know you'll pull through.
    When are you coming home again???
    love you