Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yesterday I spent the day with my lovely friend Hayley (who just started her own blog). We started out with lunch at Moe's. I got the new buffalo chicken nachos. Holy amazing batman.

(not sure if these are exactly the right nachos but they look just as good)

They were so good and definitely more than I could ever eat at one time. After lunch we went to TJ Maxx and wandered around, then went to Kohls and wandered some more, and then went to Target and wandered some more! Haha. It was a great afternoon. After going home and relaxing for awhile we got ready and went downtown with some friends to The Flying Saucer. If you have never been there, you should go. The atmosphere was so chill and relaxed. Everyone sat at tables and chatted with their friends. They have probably 200 beers for you to choose from and they aren't just your normal regular grocery store beers. Example: Last night we drank Hummingbird Water beer.

They also had a seasonal Pumpkin beer but when I asked to try it the bartender said they had been out of it for a week! Not cool.

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