Thursday, October 21, 2010

Job Search

Moving back to Raleigh permanently was a good decision and a bad decision at the same time. I am glad to finally be in one place and not living out of my suitcase. (For the past three months I've been in Raleigh for class half the week and then driving home for the other half of the week to work at my family's restaurant). And I must admit that being back in one place is saving my relationship with B because let's face it, who wants a girlfriend they only see one day a week. But I do kinda miss having an excuse to go home every week to see my family. And I do miss my job at the restaurant and making good money. Now I am on the inevitable search for a new job in Raleigh. I am saving my old job at Outback as a last resort, because I didn't make much money there.
After searching on Craigslist the other day, I found what seemed like the perfect job. A part time receptionist job at a doctor's office Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday. This would be perfect for two reasons, A. it would fill up my free time since I only have class one day a week and B. it would give me a way to network with professionals since I am going into the nursing field. Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from the post and am now giving up hope. It was too perfect.
So today I went and applied at The Cheesecake Factory and Kanki Japanese restaurant. I like working in restaurants because you make money immediately. No waiting around for a paycheck. You always have cash in your pocket, if you're good :) The Cheesecake Factory is really intimidating to me for some reason. Maybe because their menu is 3082 pages long or maybe because it has such a "corporate" feel. But they are always busy and if I do happen to get a job there I'm sure it would fine. Kanki is located right below The Cheesecake Factory so I applied there on my way out. It doesn't seem as intimidating because the menu is simple and the server is responsible for drinks, salad and soup, and the check. One thing I did notice is that a lot of the employees that were there were foreign and spoke a different language. A little intimidating.
I'll keep searching for more places to apply and pray that one calls me soon. My bank account is dwindling away and I'm quite bored and have way too much time on my hands!


  1. this sadnesses my heart that you are now living in raleigh permanently :( but I understand...I suppose! I know how job hunting feels, trust me. But I know you will find something. Now I want cheesecake though!
    I miss you ABF <3

  2. i miss you too SBM! next time i'm home you'll be receiving a text, no more bbm :(